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KNIT Winter '21: A FABRIC Community Workshop

Date: December 8, 2021

Location: Virtual

Registration: https://fabric-testbed.net/events/knit-winter-2021-fabric-community-workshop

Presenter: Ilya Baldin, Anita Nikolich, KC Wang

Tags: FABRIC Workshop

Event Details

KNIT Winter '21 A FABRIC Community Workshop

Join us December 8-9, 2021 for the “Keeping Networks Innovative Together (KNIT) Winter ‘21: A FABRIC Community Workshop”. During the workshop, the FABRIC (and FAB) Leadership team will demonstrate new platform highlights, beta testers will showcase their early experiments and we’ll demonstrate how to set up an experiment. Those new to testbeds are encouraged to join and listen to why the FABRIC International testbed is a perfect complement to their research or product development lifecycle. Our facility partners will share their early experiences in FABRIC infrastructure deployment and operation. Industries are welcome to participate to see emerging FABRIC research experiments.

Call For Papers

Experimenters may be selected for a poster session, whiteboard session, or an office hours meeting to discuss their experiment. Submit a whitepaper to be considered.


Registration information will be shared soon.

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