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Chameleon User Meeting

Event Details

The Chameleon User Meeting is back in person! As in the past years, the team's objective is to create a forum where users can discuss their research and education projects, share experiences of working with the Chameleon testbed, discuss challenges, and propose new features that will make their experimental and education projects easier. The team hopes that these interactions will evolve into a discussion of how to enhance and teach experimental methodology for Computer Science – and we will be right there to help make your experimentation more rewarding and fruitful in any way they can. The User Meeting will have features to interest Chameleon newbies as well as veterans, end-users and operators, researchers and educators.

The Chameleon User Meeting represents a forum where users can share their experiences working with the testbed and discuss challenges and suggestions on experimental work in Computer Science. To facilitate this discussion the team is soliciting proposals for brief presentations (15-20 minutes) based on your work with Chameleon. The submission due date is April 3, 2023.

FABRIC leadership will be present at the Chameleon User Meeting.

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